The Ultimate MANual – Dr. Samadi’s Guide for Men

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Men’s health needs more attention than ever! Statistics show that men live, on average, 5 years less than women. They live sicker lives and end up seeing the doctors when it is too late. Actually, men make 1/2 physician visits for prevention than women. But this situation has to change.

The Ultimate MANual – a guide for every man

men's health guideDr. Samadi, urologic oncology expert and robotic surgeon in New York City has gathered his passion and expertise and launched his new book: “The Ultimate MANual”. It is a guide to men’s health and wellness that was specially designed for raising awareness on the issues that affect men and what can be done to prevent them.

The book is now available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble!

Dr. David Samadi stated: “Men’s health has been ignored and we saw how COVID 19 affected men more than women. Obesity, diabetes, and hypertension are on the rise. Prostate cancer is a silent killer. Men’s approach to this is ” if it is not broken, leave it alone”. That is a wrong approach. We need to change our lifestyle, diet, and way of life. As doctors, we are fixing diseases, not healthcare. This book gives you secrets to longevity and health. Ladies get a copy and make your men healthy.”

This guide officially available on Amazon for purchase covers a wide range of health issues from the top diseases affecting men, urinary and sexual issues, nutrition, and helping men embrace healthy habits.

“I’ve had a dream of writing a book on men’s health for a long time,” explained Dr. Samadi, a urologic oncologist and the Director of Men’s Health at St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn, New York. “I’ve treated thousands of men, with an emphasis on diagnosing and treating prostate cancer. It’s been a privilege to establish lifelong ties to my patients with the intent of improving their health, sex life, and quality of life.”

Why should you read the Ultimate MANual?

The book explains in plain-language why health is such an important subject and what are the benefits of taking better care of men’s health.

There are specific health issues that affect men. The first part of the book explains what are they and what can be done to prevent them!

The second part of the book is focused on the urinary system and its importance for the functioning of the whole body. Also, this section provides practical advice in the case of penis problems and explains what can be done for more pleasant sex life.

The third part of the book goes in-depth about the problem, talking about the habits that can help a man reclaim his health. It is all about habits. Diet and exercise are the most important life aspects a man has to revise in order to stay healthy as long as possible.

The last part of the book shows that eating healthy foods does not have to be tasteless. Here you will find delicious and nutritious recipes to boost male health. Also, you will discover a 2 weeks meal planner to be easier to start from day 1.

Read the book and enjoy your health-regaining journey!

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The Ultimate MANual – Dr. Samadi’s Guide for Men
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