5 workouts that feel more like fun

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When exercising, the term “workout” could be described as “a session of vigorous exercise” or maybe “a practice or exercise to test or improve one’s fitness for athletic competition.” Sounds good for getting in tip top shape but maybe “working out” also conjures up images of pain or risk of injury, not exactly what you want.

But what if you could find a workout that was fun? A workout that’s different from walking on a treadmill or pedaling on a stationary bike. A workout keeping you interested, in shape, and inspired to go back to it again and again because you enjoy it and find it pleasurable.

If your regular workouts have become boring, then it’s time to try out fun, low-impact activities that hardly feel like exercise. Activities that help develop new skills for toning muscles and maintaining weight while still having a fun factor. As long as you’ve consulted your physician before adventuring into this new workout realm, it’s time to take a look at 5 workouts that feel more like fun:

1. Take a dance class

If you enjoy “cutting the rug” and are a lover of good music and dance moves that go with it, then sign up for a dance class today. Professional dancers are in great shape thanks to the energy output involved when dancing. Besides torching calories, dancing is perfect for toning muscles, improving balance and coordination, and helps lower stress while enhancing your creativity. It’s an ideal workout upping the fun factor.

2. Have fun rollerblading

This may have been a fitness craze in the ‘90s but rollerblading is making an impressive comeback. Similar to roller-skating, the in-line skates of rollerblading allows you to perform the same moves as an ice skater without the ice. This low-impact exercise gets your heart racing similar to running but without taxing knee and ankle joints. There’s also the added bonus of engaging your core and legs making it a great whole body workout that’s super fun.

3. Learn Self-Defense

Ideal for any age group, signing up for a self-defense class takes courage and a willingness to be vulnerable. For some, these classes can be intimidating but being in great physical condition is not necessary. And that’s the whole point. You’re there to learn how to protect yourself in case you’re ever attacked. In the process you not only gain power in learning foot stomps, groin kicks, and side knee kicks, you’ll also gain in self-confidence, self-awareness, and a greater sense of purpose.

4. Try out speed golf

If you love to golf but wish it was a more physical sport, speed golf is for you. Instead of driving the golf cart from hole to hole, speed golf involves walking or jogging as you work your way through the course. If this sounds like fun, consider the fact that you’ll also prevent spending hours at the golf course as you speed through the game.

5. Go Rock Climbing

If you’re an adrenaline junkie who seeks fun in more challenging sports, rock climbing may be for you. Whether done indoors or outdoors, this total body workout will push you physically as you strengthen core muscles, hands, forearms, biceps, shoulders, upper and lower back, thighs and calves. Even your heart will get a good cardiovascular workout. When using safety equipment and with other fellow rock climbing enthusiasts, this can be a safe sport helping you learn to navigate easy climbs to more difficult terrains.

5 workouts that feel more like fun
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