Easy ideas improving physical strength without a gym


Possessing physical strength has a significant impact on how well you perform daily activities. From being able to walk for an hour without getting tired to lifting, pushing, or pulling a heavy load with relative ease, “getting stronger” is well worth the effort.

No matter your age or current level of fitness, what we are able to accomplish on a daily basis, depends on our physical strength. Even for someone who has physical limitations that may be out of their control – like a previous or current injury or physical disorder – the one factor that is modifiable is strength. Regardless of whether you’re an athlete or not, everyone should care about achieving and maintaining their strength.  However, if you are an athlete, improving physical strength will set you apart from your opponent allowing you to perform better laying the foundation for you to be a more forceful athlete.

For the majority of us who are not athletes, simply improving muscular strength, provides a lengthy list of health benefits such as maintaining healthy body weight, improving bone density and metabolism, and impacting your overall physical and mental well-being as you age.

So, how do you go about improving physical strength?

And what if you don’t belong to a gym or have the time or money to use one?  The good news is you can make significant strides in strength without going to a gym. Here are easy ways to achieve this feat when practiced regularly and consistently over time:

  • Take the stairs whenever you can: Whenever you have the opportunity to take a flight of stairs, do so. Not only does taking the stairs give you a stronger heart, it also enhances the heart rate and builds up your muscles over time.
  • Lift dumbbells: Two to three times a week, lift weights, and experience the strengthening of your muscles. If new to lifting dumbbells, start off with light weights and gradually increase the weight of dumbbells as you feel stronger.
  • Pushups and/or pull-ups: These are two of the best strength-building moves anyone can do. Both are classic methods of strength training influencing muscle building very quickly. Pushups require no equipment and can be performed in a small area. Pull-ups do require some sort of bar strong enough to allow you to pull your entire body weight without falling down. Both are perfect for improving strength across your upper back, chest, arms, abdomen, and shoulders.
  • Go for a swim: Swimming is not only refreshing and invigorating, but doing laps in a pool is awesome for building stamina, flexing muscles, and gaining strength.
  • Regular running: One of the very best ways to build stamina and endurance is running frequently. Running or jogging is ideal to burn fat and calories but also great for toning muscles of your legs and butt, making them stronger long term.
  • Walk and sprint hills: To get stronger, it’s important to do cardio in short, intense bursts. That’s why sprinting up a moderately steep hill to the top and then walking back down the hill will get you stronger and leaner fast.
  • Kettlebell Farmer’s Walk: Carrying a heavy bag of groceries becomes easier with practice and the best practice for this is to do a kettlebell farmer’s walk. This simple move will not only strengthen your grip but also engage your entire body, from your upper back to your legs. To do this move, pick up a pair of kettlebells (at least 5 pounds or heavier) one in each hand holding each one in the center of the handle, and walk forward 50 feet. Turn and repeat the farmer’s walk back to your starting position. Repeat three times.


Easy ideas improving physical strength without a gym
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