100 Healthy reasons to take a walk

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One of the best things you can do for your health is to take a walk. Many diseases, conditions, and ailments can be prevented or even healed by participating in regular physical activity including walking.

Fortunately, even moderate-intensity aerobic activity such as walking can provide these health benefits. That’s why the Walk with a Doc (WWAD) program encourages healthy physical activity in people of all age by organizing physician-led walks with patients. The walks are an opportunity for physicians to encourage an active lifestyle and answer patients’ health-related questions in an environment less intimidating than the exam room. Mostly, it’s a way to get patients moving and the more movement you incorporate into your day, the better off your health will be.

From your head to your toes, read the 100 healthy reasons why WWAD recommends for you to start walking today:

  1. Lowers “bad” cholesterol (LDL)
  2. Increases “good” cholesterol (HDL)
  3. Prevents and reduces high blood pressure
  4. Reduces heart attacks by 86% (combined with healthy lifestyle choices)
  5. Reduces risk of stroke by up to 50%
  6. Lowers resting heart rate to make your heart work more efficiently
  7. Lowers cardiovascular endurance and performance
  8. Improves circulation
  9. Keeps your lungs healthy
  10. Strengthens breathing muscles
  11. Safe, even for those with asthma
  12. Lets you eat more with less weight gain
  13. Burns calories
  14. Causes weight loss
  15. Increases metabolism
  16. Decreases fat tissue
  17. Reduces BMI (body mass index)
  18. Prevents obesity
  19. Curbs metabolic syndrome
  20. Improves glycogen storage and allows better fat burning
  21. Stimulates digestion
  22. May reduce acid reflux severity and frequency
  23. Improves functioning of organs
  24. Beneficial for those with chronic kidney conditions
  25. Decreases risk of fatty liver disease
  26. Can act as an appetite suppressant
  27. Prevents or manages type 2 diabetes
  28. Helps insulin work better
  29. Helps to regulate hormones
  30. Improves chance of a healthy pregnancy
  31. Alleviates menstrual cramps
  32. Increases testosterone in men
  33. Reduces chances for breast, endometrial, and colon cancer
  34. Can reduce urge to smoke
  35. Allows one to stay independent as they get older
  36. Helps to avoid falls
  37. Reduces pain and disability
  38. Can add years to one’s life
  39. Enhances quality of life
  40. Increases blood flow to the brain
  41. Stimulates growth of nerve cells in the memory center of the brain
  42. May help reduce the risk of dementia
  43. Can stimulate you mentally
  44. Improves cognition
  45. Reduces anxiety
  46. Increases overall sense of wellbeing
  47. Improves psychological sense of wellbeing
  48. Opposes the effect of stress on the brain
  49. Helps with stress relief and to relax
  50. Improves mood
  51. Increases sense of excitement
  52. Keeps unnecessary worry at bay
  53. Improves self-esteem and self-confidence since body and mind are improved and strengthened
  54. Increases sense of self-control
  55. Healthy stress reliever
  56. Avoid stress eating
  57. Curbs junk food cravings
  58. Improves body image
  59. Improves bone density and prevents osteoporosis
  60. Strengths and develops muscles
  61. Loosens up stiff joints
  62. Helps maintain cartilage health in joints
  63. Reduces joint discomfort
  64. Improves balance
  65. Allows you to overcome illness
  66. Boosts immune system functioning
  67. Promotes clean pores and healthier skin
  68. Stimulates circulation to improve skin, delay wrinkles, and promote hair growth
  69. Helps to manage arthritis
  70. Improves stiffness from Rheumatoid arthritis
  71. Eases muscular tension
  72. Reduces inflammation
  73. Increases resistance to pain
  74. Can prevent migraine headaches
  75. Alleviates back problems
  76. Helps to alleviate varicose veins and vein pain
  77. Improves pain from fibromyalgia
  78. Increases creative ability
  79. Boosts work performance
  80. Improves mood at work
  81. Increases productivity at work
  82. Increases productivity in general
  83. Boosts energy
  84. Fights fatigue
  85. Linked to increased income
  86. Provides source of pleasure and fun
  87. Improves sexual function and satisfaction
  88. Can prevent erectile dysfunction
  89. Can replace medications for better sex and sounder sleep
  90. Improves sleep quality and reduces daytime sleepiness
  91. Keeps healthcare insurance premiums lower
  92. Can lessen medical bills
  93. Affordable form of exercise
  94. Better for the environment
  95. “Walking is a man’s best medicine” – Lower’s death rate
  96. Walking improves relationships
  97. Makes for a great date night
  98. Healthy way to spend time with friends
  99. Great for you…and your pet!
  100. The Surgeon General calls us to STEP IT UP!
100 Healthy reasons to take a walk
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