10 Common weight loss mistakes men make and what to do instead


Losing weight can be tough for guys. But with the right mindset and strategies, success is within reach. Let’s start the journey with a solid plan and determination to achieve our goals. The path will be filled with various obstacles and challenges that can trip us up and derail our progress. However, by addressing and breaking down these hurdles one-by-one, this will help men steer clear and stay on track to achieve their weight loss goals. 

10 Common weight Loss mistakes men make

To get guys on the right foot towards successful weight loss, it’s important to know common methods men may use that will actually interfere in achieving their goals. To avoid this scenario, here are 10 common weight loss mistakes men make and what they should be doing instead. 

Skipping Meals to Shed Pounds

 Sure, fasting before a cheat meal might sound like an intelligent strategy, but going too long without eating can backfire, leading to muscle loss and overeating later on. Strike the right balance to keep your metabolism humming without sacrificing muscle mass.

Being Seduced by Cleanses

Cleanses and detox plans may promise a quick fix, but they often leave you feeling drained and hungry. Instead, opt for whole, nutritious foods to support your body’s natural detoxification while keeping your energy levels up.

Underestimating Liquid Calories

That post-workout smoothie, energy drink, specialty coffees at coffee shops, or evening beer might seem innocent enough, but those liquid calories can add up fast. Keep tabs on what you’re sipping, and make water your go-to hydration choice to avoid sneaky calorie traps.

Falling for “Health” Food Traps

Don’t be fooled by foods such as protein and fiber bars, cereals, or granola labeled “healthy” – many are packed with hidden sugars and empty calories. Stick to whole, minimally processed options to fuel your body with real nutrition.

Putting Faith in Diet Pills

Miracle weight loss pills might sound tempting, but the science behind them is often shaky at best. Focus on balanced nutrition and regular exercise, not quick fixes.

Going Overboard with Food Restrictions

Cutting out entire food groups may seem like a fast track to weight loss, but it can leave you feeling deprived and nutrient-deficient. The primary food group that gets eliminated the most is often carbs. Yet carbohydrates are a valuable fuel source for the body and crucial for brain health. Our brain consumes up to 60 percent of glucose from carbs daily, so cutting carbs is not in your best interest. Men who’ve been successful at long-term weight loss practice maintaining a well-balanced diet of various foods to keep the body healthy and satisfied.

Making Excuses Instead of Progress

It’s easy to blame a busy schedule or lack of motivation for slipping up on your weight loss goals. Yet, eating a slice of pepperoni pizza or downing a sugary beverage means more workouts to burn off the extra calories. Instead of making excuses, take ownership of your choices and stay committed to your health by choosing lean protein foods and healthy carbs like fruit, veggies, and whole grains. 

Leaning Too Heavily on Liquid Meal Replacements

While protein shakes and meal replacement drinks can be convenient, they should be something other than your primary source of nutrition. Aim for whole, solid meals whenever possible to fuel and satisfy your body.

Relying Solely on Exercise

Exercise is crucial for weight loss, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. To really make a significant, sustainable weight loss impact, you must pair it with smart nutrition choices to maximize your results and achieve long-term success. That means prioritizing exercise and following a healthy meal plan to regulate hunger.

Being Too Hard on Yourself

Weight loss is a journey, not a sprint. Don’t beat yourself up over setbacks; focus on progress and celebrate your successes along the way.

Final thoughts

To succeed in your weight loss journey, stay focused on your goals and avoid common mistakes. Dedication and determination can achieve the results you’re after and live a healthier, happier life.

Dr. David Samadi is the Director of Men’s Health and Urologic Oncology at St. Francis Hospital in Long Island. He’s a renowned and highly successful board certified Urologic Oncologist Expert and Robotic Surgeon in New York City, regarded as one of the leading prostate surgeons in the U.S., with a vast expertise in prostate cancer treatment and Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy.  Dr. Samadi is a medical contributor to NewsMax TV and is also the author of The Ultimate MANual, Dr. Samadi’s Guide to Men’s Health and Wellness, available online both on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Visit Dr. Samadi’s websites at robotic oncology and prostate cancer 911. 


10 Common weight loss mistakes men make and what to do instead
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