Could Thanksgiving be a COVID-19 Super Spreader?

Thanksgiving in 2020

Newsmax: Will Thanksgiving be the ultimate virus spreader?

Dr. David Samadi, thank you so much for joining us!

Dr. David Samadi: Good to be with you, thank you!

Newsmax: We are hearing about a lot of people traveling, about 50 million people. Some are staying home but are getting together with their families. Do you think that this will be a super spreader holiday?

Dr. David Samadi: You can see that people are already getting tired. There is a fatigue about staying at home for ten months. A lot of people want to see their families. They have not seen their parents, their aunts and uncles. And Thanksgiving is very special. Sometimes people say that it is even more special than New Year or even Christmas. And this is the time we all get together and thank for what we have, for ou health and everything else. I think people need to be vigilant, need to be careful. Make sure you are wearing a mask. Hygiene is always important. The planes are safe. We have seen that they are doing everything they can to make the passengers safe. That is not where the issues are. As long as we are paying attention to not sharing our utensils, our plates. If you are in a good area where is warmer, open your windows to get a breeze. I am sure we will get through this. We have a lot of medical treatment for this virus. We have therapeutics, vaccines coming on. But people need to be careful to get through this and it will be a great Thanksgiving for America and our freedom. 


Could Thanksgiving be a COVID-19 Super Spreader?
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