What will Thanksgiving be like in 2021?

Thanksgiving in 2021

Newsmax: People say that a year from now Thanksgiving will be looking normal. We will be able to go to festivals and have 30 people at lunch. Do you think that is true?

Dr. David Samadi: Absolutely, and I hope things will be even better than before. I have been talking about April. Because once we have these vaccines out by the first quarter of 2021, I think in April or May we will be able to go back to normal. 60-70% of the country will have herd immunity and antibodies. And I cannot wait until we get rid of the face masks.

Newsmax: That’s true!

Dr. David Samadi: Let’s not have a new norm. I would love to come back to the studio and film this segment with you. We miss those hugs and kisses. Let America come back. 

Newsmax: Exactly! Dr. Samadi, thank you so much! Happy Thanksgiving!

What will Thanksgiving be like in 2021?
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